Silkfair Launches Custom Shops for Online Sellers

 Silkfair’s new custom-shop platform lets online sellers build a stand-alone e-commerce Web shop using their existing branding and domain name.

Custom Shops provides sellers with an online dashboard for managing their store. From one user-friendly interface you can set your store profile, add products and product categories, and see your transaction details, store statistics and other functions. You can activate many Custom Shop features, including the option to use your own domain name, with a single click from within the seller’s store dashboard.

When you first open your Custom Shop, Silkfair’s platform lets sellers add new products or import product list using the commonly used CSV format. Additionally, you can also use the platform’s eBay and Etsy importers to get products you currently have listed on those marketplaces added to your new Web shop. To use the automated importers, sellers simply need to provide their Etsy or eBay username in their account profile.

Silkfair Launches Custom Shops for Online Sellers
By Vangie Beal, June 18, 2009


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