10 Tips for Selling on Kijiji

This week we offer 10 tips for selling on Kijiji—actions that sellers can take to produce quality leads and sales on this local classified ads network.

Use a template:  Mange multiple Kijiji ads by creating a basic template, in Word or even Notepad, that you can copy-and-paste into each ad you post.  The template should contain the basic information you carry over to each ad, such as contact information, pick-up and delivery details, and so on.  Save each ad you list in a file on your computer for future use.

Send ads to top category page: On some Kijiji sites, you might get an e-mail to let you know your listing has fallen off the first page for the category you have listed in, and an offer to “bump” your ad back to the main for a small fee of $1.99. You can bump the ad yourself by deleting it and reposting it as a new ad. If you have saved the ads in a template, you can put your item back on the main category page in seconds.

Don’t delete pending sale ads: Kijiji sellers can save time by not deleting an ad until the item has actually sold. Don’t delete the ad as soon as an e-mail comes in with a request to buy, as the person may never show up to get the item.  If you leave the ad online you can go back and respond to the second and subsequent requests after a “no-show.”

10 Tips for Selling on Kijiji
By Vangie Beal, July 1, 2009


One response to “10 Tips for Selling on Kijiji

  1. I had never heard of Kijiji before. I looked at this site and it looks interesting. Thank you for passing along the good tips!

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