iTaggit Helps Sellers Determine Online Prices

The new “ValueRange It” search tool helps sellers find previous pricing on products to help them determine a starting bid or reserve price.

On the iTaggit site, you simply type the product details in to the ValueRange It search box. To obtain the best results, you should be descriptive when searching—but not too specific. For example, you could enter in phrases like 2002 Gibson Les Paul Guitar or Madame Alexander Doll, leaving out details like a specific color.

ValueRange It will scan the Internet, largely drawing on closed eBay listings to generate low, average and high values for the item. For the most part, the different values will help you figure out what price you can expect to get for your item, taking in to account the item’s history and condition. You can also refine your ValueRange It results for a completely customized value range for your specific item.

Based on the ValueRange It results, you can use the data to help determine the best minimum or starting bid price.

iTaggit Helps Sellers Determine Online Prices
By Vangie Beal, July 16, 2009


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