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Ecom Primer: What You Need to Set-up Shop Online

If you were to look at ten different retails sites online you’d probably notice small to drastic differences between each of the sites. While they all offer products for sale, the features, functions and options available to customers will differ.

Regardless of how big or how small a retail Web site is, all e-commerce sites have the same basic fundamental building blocks that enable them to work. From choosing a domain name to accepting and processing credit card payments online, Web retailers have a lot of work to do before they can hang their open-for-business sign.

From registering a domain name to making sure your retail site is secure, we cover the basic fundamentals that lay the foundation for building a retail shop online.

Ecom Primer: What You Need to Set-up Shop Online
By Vangie Beal, August 31, 2009

Pixetell Adds Video and Voice to Online Listings

Pixetell lets sellers easily add a voice or video message to their online listing. It’s visual communication and collaboration software—but don’t let the non-auction lingo scare you.

In an online market where millions of sellers compete for sales, you have to be different in order to succeed.  When you use a Web-based  platform to sell—like eBay or Kijiji—your item listing page looks almost identical to millions of other listings.  One way you can stand out from the competition is to invest in tools to enhance your online listings.

Pixetell is a tool that online sellers may overlook. We say this because Pixetell is actually SaaS communication and collaboration software and not a typical tool that a seller would look for.  The platform offers many features for desktop collaboration, but it’s also an affordable tool that you can use just to create voice and video ads to post with an online listing.

As you create the visual display in the Pixetell software, you can add a voice narrative to describe the item and highlight its features. When you put your voice behind a product, you can humanize the nature of online selling and inspire trust in your prospective buyers by offering more than just a static picture and text descriptions.

Pixetell Adds Video and Voice to Online Listings
By Vangie Beal, August 26, 2009

JumpGauge Lets Consumers Interact with Labels

Forget stationary, one-dimensional labels. JumpGauge technology lets you build brand loyalty and educate customers with interactive labels on your Web site.

Most Web sites tell a product’s backstory by linking pages of information from main areas of the Web site, but with JumpGauge the information you need easily fits into a small 50- by 100-pixel space. Your customers and site visitors can then mouseover the interactive label for further details.

Stas Antons, Jump To Green’s co-founder, believes that interactive labeling offers multiple benefits. “These labels provide a visual stimulant to consumers; they see a water droplet symbol, for example and immediately identify that with conservation,” he said. “With a JumpGauge on your site, your customers are able to immediately find out how that attribute applies to your company and products.”

When people shop, they often research and look for specific, motivating details about a product before making a purchase. According to Antons, research shows that e-commerce sites sell more when they provide more information about their products to consumers right on the page where they purchase the item.

JumpGauge Lets Consumers Interact with Labels
By Vangie Beal, August 24, 2009

Host Your Own Online Live Video and Twitter Auctions

Walt  “AuctionWally” Kolenda talks about his creative selling platform mash-ups and offers tips for hosting your own live, online auctions.

To hold a live auction, Kolenda uses UStream TV, his computer, a microphone and a Web cam.  UStream TV lets Kolenda stream a live video feed so he can show auction items to interested participants.  He displays the item prior to the auction start-time, which allows interested bidders to request close-up views and different angles of the item.

When the auction starts, Kolenda takes bids via the Bonanzle booth chat and narrates the auction on UStream.  Kolenda said it has taken some time to perfect the art of using Bonanzle and UStream for live online auctions, but his creative mash-up of services has paid off.

During the last live online auction he saw a 100 percent sale success rate. Since Kolenda has grown his following through his site, and Bonanzle members have been quick to participate. He says that this form of live auction has reached a point where he is now comfortable with the idea of auctioning off higher-value items.

Seller Tips: Hosting Live Video and Twitter Auctions
By Vangie Beal, August 20, 2009

EBay Affiliate Program Pays On Quality Clicks

The eBay Partner Network unveiled its new “Quality Click” commission plan. According to the company the new pricing structure should see quality publishers earn more—and deter the spam-ad affiliates.

Will Martin-Gill, eBay’s director of Internet marketing, said that under the new Quality Click EPC pricing structure, commissions are calculated based on incremental revenue that a publisher’s traffic generates for eBay. The higher the quality of the traffic an affiliate drives to eBay’s sites, the more the affiliate earns.

Gill said that the eBay Partner Network is able to accurately predict the value an affiliate brings to the partnership, and each day the affiliate is locked in to a daily EPC rate. This is a big change from the current system where clicks are not calculated for seven days and statistics for new users are unavailable for 30 days.

Going forward, affiliates will be paid based on the value of the traffic they send to eBay, factoring in the incremental transactions and incremental high lifetime value of the users that result from their traffic.

EBay Affiliate Program Pays On Quality Clicks
By Vangie Beal, August 19, 2009

Page Mage Lets Sellers Get Creative with eBay Listings

New Flash-based ad design tool can help eBay sellers turn item listings into interactive ads.

Page Mage, a third-party developed tool that can help eBay sellers list items in a more interactive and engaging way for buyers, officially launched today in beta. Using the Page Mage service, eBay sellers can create interactive and eye-catching advertisements, rather than using the standard eBay item page format on the eBay site.

Page Mage, which is a Flash-based Web service, also lets sellers embed video, image galleries and animated text to their auction or fixed-price item listings. The platform offers drag-and-drop tools, making it easy for anyone—even people without HTML and coding knowledge—to create an appealing listing.

Page Mage Lets Sellers Get Creative with eBay Listings
By Vangie Beal, August 12, 2009

CheapTweet Gives Twittering Retailers more Exposure

Most e-tailers know that Twitter is a powerful social tool, but not all online merchants and retailers know how to use Twitter to market products, promote sales and boost revenue.

Obviously you need to have your own Twitter account—and many merchants do, but how do you expand your Twitter presence beyond your own community of followers? For Web shop owners, online retailers and individual sellers, CheapTweet might be the answer.

This social search engine searches all tweets to find conversations about online deals, promotions and coupons. It then pulls those deal-focused tweets to, where the deals are sorted into categories and a community of users vote for the deals they like best. The more votes a deal gets, the higher up the tweet moves on the CheapTweet homepage.

CheapTweet Gives Twittering Retailers more Exposure
By Vangie Beal, August 10, 2009