JumpGauge Lets Consumers Interact with Labels

Forget stationary, one-dimensional labels. JumpGauge technology lets you build brand loyalty and educate customers with interactive labels on your Web site.

Most Web sites tell a product’s backstory by linking pages of information from main areas of the Web site, but with JumpGauge the information you need easily fits into a small 50- by 100-pixel space. Your customers and site visitors can then mouseover the interactive label for further details.

Stas Antons, Jump To Green’s co-founder, believes that interactive labeling offers multiple benefits. “These labels provide a visual stimulant to consumers; they see a water droplet symbol, for example and immediately identify that with conservation,” he said. “With a JumpGauge on your site, your customers are able to immediately find out how that attribute applies to your company and products.”

When people shop, they often research and look for specific, motivating details about a product before making a purchase. According to Antons, research shows that e-commerce sites sell more when they provide more information about their products to consumers right on the page where they purchase the item.

JumpGauge Lets Consumers Interact with Labels
By Vangie Beal, August 24, 2009


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