10 Free Social Networking Tools to Save You Time

If you use social networking, bookmarking, or blogging sites these profile management and aggregators will save you time by pushing your updates to multiple social sites.

With the hundreds of social networking and social bookmarking sites available today, it’s not surprising that people find is difficult to manage their social media accounts. While you want to have a presence on many of these different sites, it can be time-consuming to update your status and profiles on each site — especially if you also use blogs, social bookmarking sites and instant messaging platforms to promote yourself or your brand.

Here are ten free social networking tools that can help you manage numerous social networking and bookmarking accounts, plus save you time by aggregating your updates — that is publishing one update across multiple social sites.

10 Essential Social Networking Tools to Save Time
By Vangie Beal, September 11, 2009


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