eBay Integrates Outright Bookkeeping Solution

The newly integrated Outright application helps small and individual eBay sellers manage burdensome bookkeeping tasks that go hand-in-hand with managing a business.

One of the most difficult challenges most individual and small sellers on eBay face is managing the bookkeeping tasks that go with managing an online selling business—and many hobby sellers may not even consider eBay selling as a business at all.

EBay has integrated a new application—called Outright—in its suite of Selling Manager Applications.  Outright is a completely free and simple online bookkeeping solution designed to help small- and self-employed business owners.

eBay Integrates Outright Bookkeeping Solution
By Vangie Beal, September 14, 2009


2 responses to “eBay Integrates Outright Bookkeeping Solution

  1. Would you happen to know if the whole ebay business thing is legit? I’m talking about the whole, ‘Be a seller on ebay!’ package that is for sale promising huge income. Seems a bit blown out of proportion. Just curious, and you seem to be in the know!

    Thank You.

    May All Beings Be Happy.

  2. Do I believe that buying a $299 package that claims to be the be-all eBay solution will help me build a better eBay business? Absolutely not. Would I ever recommend that someone buy this? Again, absolutely not.

    Personally I would never pay a dime for what can be had for free, and in this case the “free” is real usable advice from actual sellers and people like myself who cover the successes stories and professional tools from an unbiased view.

    Instead of buying one of these packages—there is no way to even know for sure if it is legit or just a scam—invest your own time wisely in research instead of investing money into something that promises to be the quick fix.

    Sure, there is the odd amazing story of how a seller ‘lucks out’ and has instant overnight success on eBay, but that is the tiniest fraction of eBay sellers. Most successful sellers are successful only because they treat as they would any business operation—they invest time and energy into growing their eBay business by providing excellent products and excellent customer service.

    There are many tools and applications that can help you manage an online eBay business better…. but that isn’t what you will get in the eBay packages that “claim” to turn you in to a mega successful seller overnight.

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