SocialTwist Offers Social Holiday Referral Rewards Product

SocialTwist’s widget lets online retailers combine social media and quality word-of-mouth marketing with a rewards plan to further encourage shoppers to spread the word about your products.

In the e-commerce industry, a little saying goes hand-in-hand with referral and rewards programs. “Your next best customer is your current best customer’s friend.”

Refer-a-friend programs come in all shapes and sizes and are used by a number of e-commerce Web sites. With the impact social media has had on e-commerce, this year we’re seeing the trend for online retailers to move their traditional, and somewhat stagnant, refer-a-friend campaigns to social media platforms.

SocialTwist, a company that creates widgets to combine marketing messages with visitor referrals, offers a new program to online retailers.  Dubbed the Tell-a-Friend Holiday Sales Booster (TAF HSB), it combines social media word-of-mouth referrals and rewards to help e-commerce sites boost their sales this holiday season.

SocialTwist Offers Social Holiday Referral Rewards
By Vangie Beal, November 4, 2009


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