Zatista Offers Online Venue to Sell Original Artwork

Zatista, a new site for selling original artwork, offers lots of incentives for buyer and flat commissions for artists.

With a goal of connecting buyers with high-quality, original art, Zatista works with individual artists to provide a venue from which the artists can build their own online presence and reach a global marketplace of buyers. Unlike eBay and some other online auction sites, Zatista is a more like an online gallery where buyers can browse art and read artist profiles to find the right piece.

There are no auctions on Zatista, only prices that have been set by the artists. Zatista was first launched in beta last May, and it opened to the public in October. The site currently showcases more than 3,000 distinctive works created by emerging and established artists from more than 17 different countries.

Zatista Offers Online Venue to Sell Original Artwork
By Vangie Beal, November 18, 2009

One response to “Zatista Offers Online Venue to Sell Original Artwork

  1. DO NOT waste your time on Zatista. It takes traffic and a simple and easy design to successfully sell art on the web. Take a look at the pathetic traffic that Zatista generates for the artists who work hard to sell their art work there-

    Zatista brings in less than 50 buyers a day!!

    You’d be better of putting an ad on Craigslist than wasting your time promoting this DOG of an art site for the cheap owner. Google “art gallery” and see where they stack up- PATHETIC. What is a Zatista? LOL

    Aren’t THEY supposed to bring you the traffic? What are you paying them a ridiculously high 18% commission for?

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