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E-commerce Content: Writing Product Descriptions

From writing an original product description to adding call-to-action statements, we offer tips on how to write e-commerce content that attracts both search engines and human shoppers.

Small Web shops typically use cut-and-paste versions of the manufacturer’s default merchandise description. These basic – and often bland – descriptions are already indexed in Google, possibly thousands or tens of thousands of times.

Web shop owners should get rid of standard manufacturer descriptions and write original descriptions for their product pages. You want to give customers fresh content that hundreds of other small Web shops selling the same merchandise do not have. To do this properly, research the product and decide which characteristics most appeal to consumers.

When writing your e-commerce content, be sure to include particulars on how the product works, and suggest ways that consumers can use the item to address a problem or need. For example, mention how the product reduces closet-clutter, or how it makes learning fun for children, and so on. Give consumers ideas on how the item can fit into their lifestyle or home.

E-commerce Content: Writing Product Descriptions
By Vangie Beal, February 24, 2010

Small Business Marketing Guide

When it comes to small business marketing, you need a strategic plan that will help you expand your customer base and aim to sell more products and services to each of your customers. Marketing can help you achieve those goals, but as is the case with many small businesses owners, we often find ourselves with limited marketing budgets to work with. Small business marketing is easier when you have a nice cash-flow backing it, but if that isn’t your situation, don’t give up.  There are many small business marketing activities you can take advantage of — without breaking the bank.

In this Small Business Marketing Guide we provide details on five different Internet and communications-based marketing solutions that any business owner can take advantage of to help grow your small business. Our do-it-yourself small business marketing guide provides details and reference articles on the following topics: business blogs, email marketing campaigns, social media tactics (Facebook and Twitter for business), attracting brand advocates, and SEO tactics.

Webopedia Guide to Small Business Marketing
By Vangie Beal, February 19, 2010

Buyers’ Guide: How to Find a Web Hosting Provider

From server features to disk space and data transfer, this guide will tell you what you need to know and to consider when shopping for a hosting provider for your small business Web site.

For a small business owner, finding a provider to host your Web site can be a big task.  There is a lot more to shopping for a Web site hosting provider than just comparing prices and disk space. When looking for the right provider, you need to start with a good idea of types of services you’ll need for your own Web site. After that, you can work on finding the right hosting provider — one that can meet your needs at a price you can afford.

When you start shopping for the right vendor to provide your Web hosting services, make sure the provider offers packages for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). You want to invest in a professional plan with professional services for your business, not a company that really only has experience with personal Web site hosting.

Buyers’ Guide: How to Find a Web Hosting Provider
By Vangie Beal, February 16, 2010

Need an eBay Alternative? Try This List.

Our alternative to eBay guide offers details on 14 online marketplaces — most designed for casual and part-time sellers.

When it comes to online selling, there is no denying that the industry giants, like eBay and Amazon are top notch.  Everyone knows that it’s hard to beat eBay in terms of traffic, but many online sellers do look elsewhere — especially individuals and part-time sellers who use this as a way to boost an existing income.

This eBay alternatives list looks at 14 of the online marketplaces we’ve covered in the weekly online selling column over the years.

Need an eBay Alternative? Try This List.
By Vangie Beal, February 17, 2010

A Guide to Storage Networking

The phrase storage networking is a general term — most commonly associated with enterprises and data centers — that describes a high-speed network of shared storage devices. A storage network is used by IT departments to connect different types of storage devices with data servers for a larger network of users. As more storage devices are added to the storage network, they too will be accessible from any server in the larger network.

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How to Twitter for E-commerce Success

Follow the lead of other businesses and learn how to successfully integrate Twitter in to your existing marketing and customer-service strategies.

Twitter can be an important marketing and customer service tool for businesses, but it’s easy to make mistakes. A business owner may hear about Twitter and decide to jump on the bandwagon and wrongly expect this micro-blogging service to be a substitute for a marketing or customer-service plan.

The best way to get the most out of Twitter is to incorporate the tool into your current strategies.  Remember, Twitter can help your business — but it is not a complete solution on its own. 

We take a look at one company’s Twitter success and discuss the strategies it uses.

How to Twitter for E-commerce Success
By Vangie Beal, February 3, 2010