Contests as E-commerce Marketing Tools

From growing your e-mail list to creating an online community, a contest can be a valuable small business marketing tool. Strutta CEO, Ben Pickering, offers Web shop owners’ tips for running online contests.

Before you can plan a contest, you have to set your marketing objectives and goals. If, for example, your goal is to increase your e-mail subscriber list, then a basic online contest entry form asking people to submit their details and click a box to join your mailing list would suffice.

Sometimes an online contest can promote a special feature or product-line launch. Using Crate and Barrel as an example, Pickering said the company is running a large contest that encourages newly married or soon-to-be married couples to create a gift registry on the site.  ‘This type of marketing objective’, he added, ‘is designed to collect relevant marketing data that translates directly into sales.’

Contests as E-commerce Marketing Tools
By Vangie Beal, March 31, 2010


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