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Ecommerce Marketing: Tips for Writing an EBook

When it comes to ecommerce marketing, etailers may find it difficult to create marketing materials without being too “sales-pitchy” in the content.  Good ecommerce marketing contains a healthy mix of knowledge and promotion, which makes eBooks — books that are published in an electronic format — a low-cost marketing tool that you can use to promote your expertise in your given niche or product category.
EBooks can be articles, reference materials or even fiction, and the marketing benefit is that you can include images and hyperlinks to your website in the eBook.  Online merchants can create eBooks as a part of their marketing effort and then distribute them freely to customers and website visitors.
When writing an ecommerce marketing eBook, there are a number of considerations; who will write the eBook, what software will you use to create it, and how will you distribute it to consumers?
By Vangie Beal, June 2, 2010