Powering Your Site Search with Google Options

Is a Google on-site search solution right for your small business ecommerce website? We take a look at the three search options from Google.

Outside of your ecommerce shopping cart software, small ecommerce site owners don’t really have many options for integrating alternative site search functionality, unless they have access to in-house technical know-how and a bigger budget to invest in developing on-site search.

While there are a number of hosted site-search platforms available, ‘commerce search’ is still largely an enterprise application and few platforms are designed to meet the budget needs of the very small ecommerce websites.

One option that a small business has for improving on-site product search is using the free Google Custom Search or, you could invest in Google Site Search or Google Commerce Search, depending on the type of site you manage. Fair warning though: while Google’s Commerce Search is cheaper than many of its competitor’s search products, the pricing may still be out of range for many smaller ecommerce web shops.

Read the Full “Powering On-Site Search with Google Search Options” Story on EcommerceGuide.com

By Vangie Beal, July 7, 2010


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