ClickTale Offers Customer Heatmaps, Form Analytics

ClickTale’s customer experience analytics package goes beyond bounce rates and pageviews to track and analyze a customer’s on-page behavior.

Website analytics is an important tool for any small business or ecommerce business. Popular analytics packages, such as Google Analytics for example, offer site owners a detailed look at how people find your website and how they transition between pages on your site.

ClickTale, a provider of Customer Experience Analytics (CEA), is one company that offers a way for businesses to see more than just page transitions — it provides a way to see in-depth analytics for every page and every customer interaction and experience that takes place within a website.

As a website visitor moves his or her mouse over a page, clicks on an image or scrolls down your page, ClickTale captures that information. With this detailed data you can then see how customers react to your page, what images and links they click and what page elements they interact with while browsing.

ClickTale Offers Customer Heatmaps, Form Analytics
By Vangie Beal – August 23,2010


One response to “ClickTale Offers Customer Heatmaps, Form Analytics

  1. I would suggest give Clicktale a try. I’ve been using it for 2 months and it is neat to watch what your users do, I learned a lot.

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