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Free Ecommerce App to track Web Shop Customers

For a very small Web store, every customer counts.  The more you learn about the people visiting your online store, such as the pages they view, what items they look at and how they find your online store the better. They’re all metrics that can help you grow your business.

The free Lexity Live app is a handy tool for small and medium-sized businesses with an online store.  Most free analytics programs will show you yesterday’s customers in terms of numbers, but Lexity provides you with a keen view of who is browsing and shopping on your site, right now.

Free Customer-tracking App Shows Live Web Shop Customer Data
By Vangie Beal, February 17, 2012

Finally: A Website

I finally managed to find (make) the time to get a freelance technology & business writer website online. Of course, now I have to find the time to keep it updated. Many years ago, during my “I’m a girl gamer” days I managed and had the domain name floating around, unused for years – I hope I’m not the only person out there with a personal attachment to a domain name. Being unable to let the domain go, I finally decided to make good use of it: