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PayPal Opens Overseas Selling Site for Small E-Tailers

PayPal’s Global Selling Guide, which launched today, has information on the holiday customs of 17 nations and tips on a variety of topics including shipping, payments, customs and tax considerations.

“While the United States is facing a downtrend, other countries, such as China, Europe and Germany are not. Davis said that indicators show that in these countries, e-commerce and online shopping is still a growing trend, and now is the time for domestic businesses to capitalize on the global market.”

PayPal Opens Overseas Selling Site for Small E-Tailers
By Vangie Beal, November 18, 2008

Tealeaf Offers Insight to Mobile Customer Behavior

For e-commerce business owners who want to capitalize on the m-commerce trend, Tealeaf offers analytics for the growing mobile shopper base.

“With this mobile user information, e-commerce business owners can then determine any bstacles in the transaction path, gaining a better understanding of trends; such as changes in conversion rates, dropped shopping carts and spikes in customer service calls. They can gain insight on why these issues are popping up, regardless if the customer is using a desktop or mobile platform.”

Tealeaf Offers Insight to Mobile Customer Behavior
By Vangie Beal, November 26, 2008

Tips and Tools for Thanksgiving-Themed E-Store Decor

Dressing up your e-commerce store and promotions with autumn and Thanksgiving accents doesn’t take a redesign. Our tips and free tools will help you — and your online store — get in the holiday spirit.

Adding holiday-themed product shots is a low-cost, easy way to offer a visual taste of Thanksgiving at your e-commerce storefront for the holiday. Online store owners can create a festive look by simply replacing their front page product images with ones that are holiday-specific or those featuring traditional autumn colors.

Online shops with seasonal products can create a Thanksgiving-specific category page and leave it up all year for SEO purposes. As the holiday approaches, use a simple image on your main storefront page to link to your special Thanksgiving holiday category.

Tips and Tools for Thanksgiving-Themed E-Store Decor
By Vangie Beal, November 11, 2008

Five Timely Tips for Holiday E-Mail Marketing

Last month, holiday e-mail campaigns were all about segmentation, not blasting. This month it’s time to grow your list, build loyalty and capture new subscribers. We show you how.

In October the focus was on segmenting your list and testing subject lines. Vezina said that by November, hopefully merchants have done these administrative tasks and have looked through results of their own A/B (split testing) marketing tests.

This month, Vezina suggests merchants really cater to online shoppers, and reward their list members, not only to create a bond but to also continue growing their list in the last weeks leading up to the shopping frenzy. Here are five tips to employ this month.

Five Timely Tips for Holiday E-Mail Marketing
By Vangie Beal, November 10, 2008

Doing Business on eBay Alternative for a Buck a Month

Online vendors listing on The SOC Exchange pay just one dollar a month or $10 a year to sell, with no other fees. Plus, eBay security updates.

Like newer alternatives, Bonanzle, Wigix, and and eBay’s successful online classified site, Kijiji, The SOC Exchange lets online merchants list “buy now” prices with the option for interested buyers to submit offers (OBO) to sellers on items they are interested in purchasing. It appears many new sites are using this format instead of auctions because it is easier for both buyers and sellers.

The SOC Exchange, however, does not work exactly like a classified site where most transactions are local. Rather, sellers still have the option to accept payments and ship items out to non-local buyers. Lagudi, however, did say that auction-style listings may be offered in the near future.

Doing Business on eBay Alternative for a Buck a Month
By Vangie Beal, November 5, 2008

EBay Alternatives Gear Up for Growth

This week in eBay alternative news Etsy gets new hardware and Bonanzle offers optional membership plans. Meanwhile, on eBay, the new policy prohibiting paper payments takes effect.

“In a recent blog post, Harding told Bonanzle members, ‘We are quite confident that offering the benefits of exposure, Google Analytics, and an icon do nothing to affect the fairness of the marketplace as a whole. There is no question that, with the support of both our paying and non-paying members, Bonanzle is going to continue to move forward as the best marketplace to find friendly people and enjoy each other’s company as you buy and sell everything but the ordinary.'”

EBay Alternatives Gear Up for Growth
By Vangie Beal, October 22, 2008

ExactTarget Launches Dynamic E-Mail Coupons

Web shop owners using the real-time coupons can target specific subscribers or specify that the offer not exceed a maximum redemption rate, based on their budget earmarked for the campaign.

“Web shop owners have the flexibility from within Live Offers to target specific subscribers or to specify that the offer not exceed a maximum redemption rate, based on their budget earmarked for the campaign.

For example, if you wanted a maximum of 1,000 redemptions but your subscriber list is 2,500 members, you can have Live Offers provide the code for the coupon to the first 1,000 subscribers who open the e-mail, and have the remaining users on your list see a different offer or be sent to a different landing page on your Web site.”

ExactTarget Launches Dynamic E-Mail Coupons
By Vangie Beal, September 25, 2008