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Definitions to 1,125 Text message Abbreviations

The Text Messaging Abbreviations Quick Reference has been updated over on Webopedia.com, and now contains the definitions to more than 1,125 chat abbreviations.

  • APACAll praise and credit
  • ASLAge/sex/location
  • BFFLNMWBest friends for life, no matter what
  • GRATZCongratulations
  • SIG2RSorry, I got to run
  • VNVery nice
  • YBSYou’ll be sorry
  • ZUPMeaning “What’s up?”

You can read the full list of chat abbreviations here.

Webopedia’s Online Chat Guide is compiled and maintained by Vangie Beal
Last updated: May 21, 2009

Cross-Platform, Multi-Net Instantbird Brings XUL to IM

Instantbird is a multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client lets you connect simultaneously to multiple IM networks including AIM, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, XMPP-based services, ICQ, IRC, and several of the less commonly supported platforms, like Novell GroupWise and MySpaceIM.

Another important aspect of Instantbird is that it is free and open source software, so anyone is free to distribute and modify it, something that will appeal to many developers. Instantbird merges two popular open source projects; it uses Pidgin’s libpurple to connect to the different networks. This library, which is used for developing IM programs, is also used by Pidgin, Adium, Meebo, and several other popular IM programs.

Cross-Platform, Multi-Net Instantbird Brings XUL to IM
By Vangie Beal, March 24, 2009

Chat With Your Visitors Using AIM’s Wimzi

AIM’s Wimzi widget offers a way to chat with visitors to a Web site or social network profile without having to provide your AIM username.

Wimzi can be used by any AIM user with a Web presence. Once embedded on your page this widget enables you to privately chat with visitors while they are on your site. If you use a personal AIM account—and not a work account—you can still incorporate the widget on your business or work page without giving away your personal AIM name.

You will need version 6.1 or higher of the AIM Client if you want to integrate the widget with your AIM Buddy List. This will let you chat with a Web site visitor in the same way you IM your buddies, using the AIM client.

Chat With Your Visitors Using AIM’s Wimzi
By Vangie Beal, March 10, 2009

Open AIM: What’s In It for End Users?

When AOL launched its Open AIM program to the developer community over two years ago, it offered open access the AIM code base as well as access to the 27 million plus monthly users of AOL’s instant messaging network.

“In a nutshell, Open AIM provides developers with access to AIM presence functionality, the AIM Software Developer Kit (SDK ) for building plug-ins and custom clients, and also Web-based API s for incorporating IM functionality into web pages.

Most users of the AOL instant messaging network really don’t put much stock in phrases like “unfettered access,” APIs, SDKs, or other developer jargon, but what they do get out of the Open AIM developer community is new ways in which they can use the AIM service itself. Open AIM 2.0 directly serves the developer community, but it’s the developers themselves who help add novelty to the network.”

Open AIM: What’s In It for End Users?
August 12, 2008, By Vangie Beal