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Ruby Lane is a Gem for Online Antique Sellers

Ruby Lane’s design is impressive and the site truly translates the experience of visiting an antiques market or fair to the online world. It is a trendy online forum that offers buyers a chance to purchase highly coveted items, such as glass, furniture, jewelry, dolls and many other types of sought-after collectibles —surprisingly, at decent prices as well.

As a new shop owner on Ruby Lane you will notice some very big differences between this marketplace and other online selling venues. To start with, Ruby Lane is a stickler for making sure that sellers are honest and provide accurate listings to buyers. Actually, a seller cannot even do business here unless they have at least a 50-item inventory. In addition to the store minimum, Ruby Lane screens all shop owners and sets quality-focused guidelines for sellers.

For example, a listing may not use the word “antique” unless the item is at least 100-years-old, and while sellers can include up to nine photos with each item, you may have to provide very specific photos, depending on what you list. Citing the vintage watches as an example, Pekarek said that a seller is required to not only show a picture of the watch face, but they must include a very clear image of the back which shows the manufacturer’s mark and other pertinent details to authenticate the item.

With Ruby Lane experts randomly checking listings to ensure shop owners maintain accurate listings, the site is able to offer buyers a site-wide return policy. Any buyer can return a purchased item within three days for a full refund. This is first worked out through the shop owner, and if needed, Ruby Lane ensures the refund is given to the buyer — something that almost no other eBay alternative offers.

Ruby Lane is a Gem for Online Antique Sellers
By Vangie Beal, February 12, 2009