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All Things Bonanzle: An Interview with CEO Bill Harding

Bonanzle CEO, Bill Harding talks about recent developments at the Bonanzle marketplace and what the company’s future plans hold for its online buyers and sellers.

As Bonanzle continues to move forward, Harding said that the plan is to keep the same momentum and core values that the marketplace was initially built upon.  In the coming year Bonanzle sellers can expect to see continued platform developments and lots of new features, big and small, added on a frequent basis.

In terms of further fueling growth and revenues for the company, Harding said that the company realizes that it has sellers covered, but more work is needed in terms of buyers.  To extend its reach, the company is turning attention to goals that will improve sales for sellers in the coming year.

A new focus will be put on increasing sales and seller growth by fifty percent — allowing more online sellers to use fewer selling channels and earn better profits just from the Bonanzle marketplace.  While remaining tight-lipped on specific details to increase sales of those who are already successfully selling on Bonanzle,  Harding suggested that Bonanzle could increase seller profits while ensuring it wouldn’t cost those sellers an ‘arm and a leg’  to sell online.

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By Vangie Beal, July 7, 2010

Free Bonanzle Booth Images

Bonanzle is an online marketplace for buying and selling goods, faster, while having fun. This online marketplace aims to be the most simple, yet powerful choice for online buying and selling.

When you list an item on Bonanzle, the items can all be viewed in your own personal booth (like an online storefront). You can change the picture (header image) of your own booth, by selecting a template from Bonanzle or by uploading your own image. Bonanzle booth images should be 692 x 104 pixels.

I have uploaded 15 images that you can freely use to edit for your own Bonanzle booth. These images are clips from my own personal stock photography portfolio. For best results, you should save the image and open it in a graphics program to add your own logo, quote, booth name, and so on. Have a look here.