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Review: Salesforce.com CRM Spring 11 Release

With new Chatter and Jigsaw integration, Salesforce.com has once again redefined online customer relationship management (CRM) with its Spring 11 release.

With so much attention focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, one wonders if Salesforce.com is at all worried about losing ground to Microsoft. The answer, according to Salesforce, is no. The company says that with Salesforce Chatter and Jigsaw, Salesforce.com has yet again redefined CRM, and Microsoft is still playing catch up.

“Microsoft CRM is doing the same for CRM that Zune did for digital music players; inferior product with no innovation so Microsoft tries to attack on price point,” Scott Holden, Salesforce senior director of product marketing, told eCRM Guide.

Competitive jockeying aside, the Spring 11 enterprise edition expands on Salesforce’s already successful cloud CRM platform and also includes Chatter integration and visible results of the company’s Jigsaw acquisition. In this eCRM Guide review, we look at the new features and discuss and how Salesforce.com users benefit from these integrated cloud service technologies.

Read: Salesforce.com CRM Spring 11 Release Reviewed
By Vangie Beal

Small Business CRM Apps

Until recently, CRM software was something only the larger enterprise market would typically invest in. Most CRM systems you read about are enterprise applications – e.g., a platform that is just too large and complex for individual or small business use.

Now, a new breed of CRM software and solutions are available to small business owners. These CRM solutions are designed for small business and provide only the features that are most relevant to SMB owners, such as calendar and event notifications, contact management, lead management, email marketing and similar options.

On E-commerce Guide I take a look at three hosted (SaaS) small business CRM applications ecommerce site owner can use to better manage its customer relations.

3 Small Business CRM Apps for Ecommerce
By Vangie Beal, October 29, 2010

ClickTale Offers Customer Heatmaps, Form Analytics

ClickTale’s customer experience analytics package goes beyond bounce rates and pageviews to track and analyze a customer’s on-page behavior.

Website analytics is an important tool for any small business or ecommerce business. Popular analytics packages, such as Google Analytics for example, offer site owners a detailed look at how people find your website and how they transition between pages on your site.

ClickTale, a provider of Customer Experience Analytics (CEA), is one company that offers a way for businesses to see more than just page transitions — it provides a way to see in-depth analytics for every page and every customer interaction and experience that takes place within a website.

As a website visitor moves his or her mouse over a page, clicks on an image or scrolls down your page, ClickTale captures that information. With this detailed data you can then see how customers react to your page, what images and links they click and what page elements they interact with while browsing.

ClickTale Offers Customer Heatmaps, Form Analytics
By Vangie Beal – August 23,2010