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Feeling Confused by Ecommerce Lingo?

From launching an e-commerce website to understanding industry regulations, this Ecommerce Dictionary — with 20 definitions and links to helpful tips and how-to articles on Ecommerce-Guide.com — will make your transition from retailer to e-tailer easier a much easier task to understand.

E-commerce Dictionary: 20 Words to Know
By Vangie Beal, May 26, 2010

Social Media Glossary

With social media it would seem that the terminology just doesn’t end. Here is the list of terms that are currently defined in the Webopedia Web 2.0> Social Media category:

@reply alerts A-List blogger astroturfing authenticity badge b-blog BiggerTwitter Blackbird bliki blog Blog and Ping blog storm blogroll Cisco Eos crisis blog del.icio.us Digg Digg This DM Facebook Facebook Connect Facebook forced invite Facebook Group Facebook Like Facebook Mini-Feed Facebook News Feed Facebook wall faceosphere Fail Whale follower forum glog hash tag influencer MFD microblog Microsoft Vine open media plog PocketTweets Retweet RSS social media social network social networking site social software tag cloud tagging Technorati TrackBack Twaffic Tweeple tweet twewbie Twidroid Twishing Twitosphere Twitter Twitter following Twitter Sparq Twitterers Twittermaps Twitturly Twittworking UGC Web 2.0 YouTube [Webopedia’s Social Media Category]

Source: Webopedia.com

Nifty Tech Terms You Can Use (#8): mopy

Looking for interesting tech terms to spice up your blog or tech articles? Mopy is an interesting term that you can use when describing fast multifunction printers (MFPs) that are used to create originals from files, rather than creating copies from the original. The MFP used for this process is referred to as a mopier.  This is the Webopedia.com definition for mopy;

mopy: A slang term that combines the words multiple original prints (plus the “y” from the word “copy”). The term is used to refer to the increasing use of fast, multifunction printers (MFPs) to create multiple original copies of documents, as opposed to using photo copiers. When using MFPs, the word mopy can replaces the common word copy, where the equipment would be referred to as a mopier (instead of copier).