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Tips for Writing Excellent E-commerce Content

In my weekly column on Ecommerce-Guide.com, I’ve covered two different topics that focus on writing excellent e-commerce content for your online Web shop. The first column, “Writing Product Descriptions” offers tips and advice on how to create compelling, SEO-friendly product page descriptions. In the second article, “Writing an About Me Page“, I offer tips and advice on how to put together an About Me page that serves to inspire confidence in potential buyers.

The best advice for writing excellent e-commerce content that I can offer: keep it simple, be descriptive, and make sure the tone stays true to your business.

E-commerce Content: Writing Product Descriptions
By Vangie Beal, February 24, 2010

Ecommerce Design: Writing an ‘About Me’ Page
By Vangie Beal, April 14, 2010


E-commerce Content: Be Ready for Any Holiday

Investing a little time now in your holiday e-commerce content can attract visitors to your Web shop all year long.

There are two main reasons to create this type of e-commerce content. First, it will help shoppers find special-occasion and holiday products on your site from a relevant Web page. Second, the search engines will index these pages, which will improve SEO, boost traffic and convert visitors into customers.

When you have the e-commerce content written, your holiday page URL will not change. Each year as the holiday approaches you can put a link to the content from your main page and give the content a bit of a freshening up. This will give you a Web shop that is holiday-ready for any occasion, 365-days a year.

Start with a basic template that matches your Web site design and layout. Use good titles and meta tags that include the holiday name and your own keywords. Your holiday content pages should contain product descriptions and images for gift-giving ideas and for any product you stock that could be used to decorate or prepare for the occasion. Be sure to use our write better product descriptions guide when you write holiday-themed product description for these special pages.

E-commerce Content: Be Ready for Any Holiday
By Vangie Beal, March 10, 2010

E-commerce Content: Writing Product Descriptions

From writing an original product description to adding call-to-action statements, we offer tips on how to write e-commerce content that attracts both search engines and human shoppers.

Small Web shops typically use cut-and-paste versions of the manufacturer’s default merchandise description. These basic – and often bland – descriptions are already indexed in Google, possibly thousands or tens of thousands of times.

Web shop owners should get rid of standard manufacturer descriptions and write original descriptions for their product pages. You want to give customers fresh content that hundreds of other small Web shops selling the same merchandise do not have. To do this properly, research the product and decide which characteristics most appeal to consumers.

When writing your e-commerce content, be sure to include particulars on how the product works, and suggest ways that consumers can use the item to address a problem or need. For example, mention how the product reduces closet-clutter, or how it makes learning fun for children, and so on. Give consumers ideas on how the item can fit into their lifestyle or home.

E-commerce Content: Writing Product Descriptions
By Vangie Beal, February 24, 2010