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Trigger Email Marketing Tips

In email marketing, an event-triggered email , often called trigger email marketing, is a message that’s sent to a list subscriber based on “a customer behavior or a lack-of-action response from the customer,” according to Wendy Lowe, director of product marketing for Campaigner.

For example, trigger events could be a new sign-up form submitted on your site, an abandoned shopping cart, or a customer who looked at a product or downloaded a demo. There are countless events and customer actions that marketers use for trigger email marketing.

Trigger email marketing uses automated and very relevant emails that offer a significantly higher ROI than general email blasts. According to Forrester Research, however, despite the high ROI, fewer than four out of 10 email marketers currently use triggered messaging.

3 Trigger Email Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Marketers

By Vangie Beal, August 11, 2010


Small Business Tips: Selling Digital Goods Online

Selling digital goods online is a great, low-cost business for any entrepreneur who creates non-tangible products. We offer five tips to help you choose the right delivery service provider.

Selling digital goods online can be a good small business for any entrepreneur who authors these types of products, as this type of small business has little upfront costs to start — with the exception of having your own Web site.

For the ecommerce aspect of the small business, you will need a digital goods delivery system to handle the sale and downloading of the product. When you use an online service provider for the transaction, you’re responsible for creating or providing the digital product, uploading the files to the online service, and providing contact and payment details in addition to writing descriptions of each item.

While there are a number of digital good service providers online, not all offer the same features; but there are some key things you should look for. Here are five tips to help budding entrepreneurs choose the right digital delivery provider for their small business.

Small Business Tips: Selling Digital Goods Online
By Vangie Beal, April 28, 2010

E-mailed With Love: Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips

E-mail marketing expert Wendy Lowe offers 12 hot tips to roll out a successful Valentine’s Day e-mail marketing campaign — even if you haven’t planned anything yet.

Grab a pen and take notes as you read through the following 12 tips offered by Wendy Lowe, Campaigner’s director of product marketing. You can use these tips to launch your entire Valentine’s Day campaign — from start to finish — even if you have never used e-mail marketing for holiday promotions before.

5.  Forge a New Relationship: Partner with Complementary Companies
Add extra value to lure February love-birds by partnering with a vendor who provides services that complement your own.  For example, a spa owner could work with a local florist so each of you promotes a package deal for a massage and a dozen roses.  The possibilities for combining products and services are endless — and you can come up with some very creative and unique Valentine’s Day offers. 

A special holiday partnership can also help grow your subscriber lists. When the combined special offer landing page is deployed on your respective Web sites, include opt-in boxes for both e-mail lists.

E-mailed With Love: Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips
By Vangie Beal, January 13, 2010

How to Find an E-Mail Marketing Service Provider

From e-mail marketing lingo to templates and open rates, this buyers’ guide will tell you everything you need to know when shopping for an e-mail marketing service provider.

For e-commerce site owners, online marketing can be an intimidating part of running your online business. The phrase “e-mail marketing” itself is enough to send shivers down your spine — especially for small businesses that need to find in-house talent to handle the campaigns.

There are many reasons why you need to invest in e-mail marketing, one of which is the high return on investment, or ROI. According to the Direct Marketing Association, e-mail marketing yields, on average, $ 43.62 for every dollar spent, so it makes sense to invest.

How to Find an E-Mail Marketing Service Provider
By Vangie Beal, Friday December 21, 2009

SEO Marketing Tips: Optimize E-mail Campaigns

SEO is a great compliment to e-mail marketing. Wendy Lowe from Campaigner offers tips to help you optimize your e-mail marketing campaigns for search engines.

To take advantage of SEO, you need to archive your e-mail campaigns online—on your own Web site or blog. On your Web site, you should offer links to your past newsletters right from the main page navigation. Not only will this provide new content for your site visitors to read, but you will also get more mileage out of relevant content when you repurpose your e-mail campaigns.

Wendy Lowe, Campaigner’s director of product marketing says that SEO and e-mail are a great compliment to one another. She continued, “Using SEO best practices can really help you hone in on what customers are searching for.”

SEO Marketing Tips: Optimize E-mail Campaigns
By Vangie Beal, October 12, 2009

Small Biz Tips: How to Start E-mail Marketing

It’s not rocket science, and it can reap big rewards for a small effort. One expert offers tips on how to kick off an e-mail marketing campaign to boost your bottom line.

E-mail marketing offers one of the best advertising returns for any business, according to research by the Direct Marketing Association. In 2008, e-mail marketing returned $45.06 for every dollar spent on it—but industry experts say that small businesses are slow to adopt e-mail marketing practices.

Steve Adams, vice president of marketing for Campaigner, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) e-mail marketing company, believes that adoption rates by small businesses are low due to time constraints. Small business owners today are swamped and it can be a challenge to fit e-mail marketing into an already full schedule.

Another contributing factor, said Adams, is that small business owners can be intimidated by the phrase “e-mail marketing”, and they mistakenly believe they need to be a marketing expert to run e-mail campaigns.

Small Biz Tips: How to Start E-mail Marketing
By Vangie Beal, April 13, 2009