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NZXT Tempest Case Review

One of the biggest challenges that gamers and media enthusiasts encounter is finding just the right case to do the job. The system case is a very important part of any build, buyers must juggle potential issues like managing the number of cooling fans with the ambient noise, ensuring adequate hard drive space, and making certain the chassis has enough real estate and cooling for current and future peripherals.  After examining several case designs, one model that really stood out was the NZXT Tempest; a mainstream enclosure that the manufacturer refers to as “The Airflow King“.

SharkyExtreme.com: NZXT Tempest Case Review
By Vangie Beal, December 12, 2008

Top 10 Tech Terms to Know for 2009

Throughout the year, when it comes to computer and Internet technologies only one thing is certain — technology trends (like everything else) come and go with the changing tides.  Terms that will make — or continue to make — headlines in the coming year are not necessarily “brand new” technologies, but are those technologies. like the Android Platform and netbooks that gained traction in 2008, and new developments will move them to the forefront of hot technologies for 2009.

From Webopedia.com, here are the top 10 technology terms and related references that we expect to be hearing more about this coming year.

Technology Terms to Know For 2009
By Vangie Beal, December 24 , 2008

Gyration Air Mouse with MotionSense Review

When is a PC like a Wii? When it’s paired with Gyration’s 3D-motion mouse, a pointing device that keeps working when you lift it off your desk and wave, shake, or swipe it in the air. Vangie Beal finds the $100 high-flyer a little clunky when earthbound, but as addictive as, well, a Wii for PowerPoint and other presentation and media-center power users.

What’s worse than hearing a bad speech or presentation? Hearing one from a speaker who looks fixedly down reading cue cards or PowerPoint slides without making eye contact with the audience — or who’s busy manipulating a mouse or notebook touchpad instead of noticing the attendee who’s had her hand raised for the last five minutes.

Gyration Air Mouse with MotionSense Review: Watch the People, Not the Mouse
By Vangie Beal, December 29, 2008