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Funky Tech Slang

Webopedia.com is an excellent resource for adding a little tech term creativity to your blog posts. Lamer, dilberted, e-nag, Tweeple and many other tech term oddities are defined in Webopedia’s slang category. Here is a list of all the slang tech terms currently defined:

133t speak  24-7  advermation  alpha geek  anonoblog  anticipointment  AOLese  astroturfing  bagbiter  banana code  barn doors  best practices  beyond-the-banner  Big Blue  Big Iron  bioidentification  blaudience  blawg  blog storm  blogola  blogroach  blook  burp  buzzword  cellphone novel  chips and salsa  churn  citizen journalism  clewbie  cobweb Site  compooter  connectile dysfunction  crackberries  crapplet  creeping featurism  crisis blog  crowdsourcing  customer bounty  cyber  cyberbuck  cyberbullying  cyberculture  cyberlawyer  cyberloafing  cybernaut  cyberprise  cyberpublisher  cybersuicide  CYS  cytizenship  dead tree edition  digital footprint  dilberted  DM  dooce  drexting  early adopter  ego-surfing  e-nag  enterprise whuffie  faceosphere  flog  floodgater  friendquest  future-proof  Google blips  Googlewhack  griefer  grok  GUIX  hairball  id10t error  influencer  Intarweb  internesia  jailbreak  lamer  linerd  lock-in  LOL  loss leader  mashboard  mopy  moved to Atlanta  Neo-Luddite  netroots  netscuse  PEBCAK  photoshopping  picnic  Retweet  screenager  spaghetti marketing  Splog  sploitz  sporn  swag  swivel chair interface  synchicity  TOSsed  Twaffic  Tweeple  Twidroid  Twitosphere  Twitterers  Twittworking  Uberveillance  virtual group  Web novel  Webinar  woot  wugging

Visit the Webopedia slang category to see the terms and definitions.

Online Social Media Glossary

When it comes to the Internet and technologyespecially social media, it is amazing how quickly new words, acronyms, and slang words are created and used online. For those looking to boost their blogging, Facebook or Twitter vocabulary (or those wanting to understand what these new acronyms and words mean) Webopedia.com has a social media category that defines nearly 50 social media terms, like  A-List blogger, Digg This, faceosphere, Fail Whale, microblog, tagging, and Twidroid to name a few. Check out Webopedia’s Social Media Glossary for terms and definitions.

Socialcast Adds to Expanding Field of Enterprise Social Networking

Social media networks and real-time communication tools like instant messaging and Twitter are used by millions; including employees who want to save time and share knowledge with geographically dispersed co-workers.

The problem is that consumer applications are not designed for the enterprise, and while employees are ready to bring them into the workplace, most are not compatible with their organization’s security and archiving policies.

One platform available to the enterprise is Socialcast—a secure real-time communications tool that puts the best features of consumer social networking and communication tools into a secure enterprise package that meets enterprise archiving needs.

Socialcast Adds to Expanding Field of Enterprise Social Networking
By Vangie Beal, April 21, 2009

YGTBKM! Definitions to more than 1,100 chat abbreviations

If you have ever received an instant message or text message that seemed to be written in a foreign language, this Webopedia Quick Reference will help you decipher the text chat lingo by providing the definitions to more than 1,100 chat abbreviations.

Text Messaging Abbreviations
Webopedia’s Online Chat Guide is compiled and maintained by Vangie Beal
Last updated: April 03, 2009

Cross-Platform, Multi-Net Instantbird Brings XUL to IM

Instantbird is a multi-protocol instant messaging (IM) client lets you connect simultaneously to multiple IM networks including AIM, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, XMPP-based services, ICQ, IRC, and several of the less commonly supported platforms, like Novell GroupWise and MySpaceIM.

Another important aspect of Instantbird is that it is free and open source software, so anyone is free to distribute and modify it, something that will appeal to many developers. Instantbird merges two popular open source projects; it uses Pidgin’s libpurple to connect to the different networks. This library, which is used for developing IM programs, is also used by Pidgin, Adium, Meebo, and several other popular IM programs.

Cross-Platform, Multi-Net Instantbird Brings XUL to IM
By Vangie Beal, March 24, 2009

Chat With Your Visitors Using AIM’s Wimzi

AIM’s Wimzi widget offers a way to chat with visitors to a Web site or social network profile without having to provide your AIM username.

Wimzi can be used by any AIM user with a Web presence. Once embedded on your page this widget enables you to privately chat with visitors while they are on your site. If you use a personal AIM account—and not a work account—you can still incorporate the widget on your business or work page without giving away your personal AIM name.

You will need version 6.1 or higher of the AIM Client if you want to integrate the widget with your AIM Buddy List. This will let you chat with a Web site visitor in the same way you IM your buddies, using the AIM client.

Chat With Your Visitors Using AIM’s Wimzi
By Vangie Beal, March 10, 2009