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Gyration Air Mouse with MotionSense Review

When is a PC like a Wii? When it’s paired with Gyration’s 3D-motion mouse, a pointing device that keeps working when you lift it off your desk and wave, shake, or swipe it in the air. Vangie Beal finds the $100 high-flyer a little clunky when earthbound, but as addictive as, well, a Wii for PowerPoint and other presentation and media-center power users.

What’s worse than hearing a bad speech or presentation? Hearing one from a speaker who looks fixedly down reading cue cards or PowerPoint slides without making eye contact with the audience — or who’s busy manipulating a mouse or notebook touchpad instead of noticing the attendee who’s had her hand raised for the last five minutes.

Gyration Air Mouse with MotionSense Review: Watch the People, Not the Mouse
By Vangie Beal, December 29, 2008