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Halifax Band Sends an Important Message to United, and all Corporations

In the era of the Internet and social media, corporations better take note: when you provide unsatisfactory customer service, hundreds of thousands of people will learn of it.

Such is the predicament that Unites Airlines now faces.

Last year, Halifax’s Dave Carroll discovered that his $3,500 custom-made guitar had been damaged after taking a United Airlines flight. According to Carroll’s blog, United did not deny that the damage happened however he couldn’t find a United representative who would take responsibility on behalf of the airline.

After nine months with no compensation for the damaged guitar, Carroll says he promised the last United Airlines person he spoke with (Ms. Irlweg),  that he would write and produce three songs about his experience with United Airlines and make videos for each to be viewed online by anyone in the world.

Write, produce and launch on YouTube he did. Now one of the most popular videos viewed by Canadians (by number of daily views), Dave Carroll’s first song, “United Breaks Guitars” is making International headlines.

This quirky, in-your-face song and video, details Carroll’s experience with United Airlines. It is an excellent video, and while full of humor the song is catchy and demonstrates the level of customer service passengers using United Airlines can expect.

For United, Carroll’s video serves to incite change at this—and all airlines, where lost and damaged baggage is, for the most part, considered “no one’s fault”.

This endeavor by Carroll should serve as a warning to all corporations who currently do not stand behind their service—and offer fair and courteous customer service. When you mess up, consumers are going to turn to social media networks to spread the word and make sure that everyone knows about it.

Be sure to check out the video and spread the word of Carroll’s video.

By Vangie Beal
Nova Scotia Girl Blog, July 09, 2009

Mobile Browsing Popular in Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canadians are captivated by mobile surfing, according to a new poll (conducted by Ipsos-Reid on behalf of Rogers Wireless). The poll suggests that 26 per cent of wirelessly connected Canadians aged 18-34 are accessing the Web from their mobile devices everyday, and of that, 65 per cent are browsing from their mobiles multiple times a day.

So what are Canadians doing when they mobile surf? The study found that 70 per cent of wirelessly connected Canadians are accessing the mobile Internet for personal e-mail and that thirty-six per cent of respondents use mobile devices to search for information. More than one quarter are browsing the web from their mobiles at least once a day, with half of those accessing popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter directly from their mobile devices.

This study is out just as the HTC Dream and HTC Magic smartphones, the first cellphones in Canada powered by the Android platform, are preparing for their big Canadian debut (on Rogers’ 3.5,  7.2 Mbps High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network).

Both handsets feature a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and camcorder mode, which allows users to film video and upload directly from their handset to YouTube. Both handsets also feature an accelerometer for sensing movement and a digital compass for complete orientation data, as well as microSD storage that’s expandable up to 16GB. Canadians can experience the joy of Android on June 2, 2009.