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Five Tips for Soliciting Product Reviews

Encourage customers to check-out with recommended products with these five tips for increasing on-site product reviews and testimonials.

By adding product reviews to your online store, you are giving shoppers the opportunity to rate and comment on products they’ve just purchased — right on the product page. This helps e-tailers in two ways. First, it can boost sales as the reviews are displayed adjacent to the inventory.

Customers who are considering a purchase are more likely to buy when they know others have had a positive experience. The second significant benefit to using product reviews is that this user-generated content (UGC) helps your search engine optimization (SEO) effort. Google and other search engines favor fresh content, so when customers continually add product reviews to your pages, you’re getting a steady stream of new updated text at your site.

Five Tips for Soliciting Product Reviews
By Vangie Beal, January 20, 2010

BrandConnect: Social Media Tools for Brand Awareness

The BrandConnect Suit helps brand owners track, analyze and shout out to consumers and their followers on social media platforms.

PowerReviews’ new BrandConnect Suite is designed to help merchants listen to what is being said about their brand in the socialsphere, and it consists of two offerings:  Listener and Megaphone.  Listener is a social monitoring and analytics tool and Megaphone is a tool that can be used to harness customers—and their followers—to quickly and effectively spread the word about the brand and the company’s products.

The BrandConnect tools follow on the heels of the  “Community and Social Media Study” findings. The study, released by The E-Tailing Group was commissioned by PowerReviews.  Darby Williams, vice president of marketing at PowerReviews said that the research helps the company to better understand how much adoption of social media marketing has taken place in the retail industry.

The study, which assessed the attitudes and actions of brands and retailers as they make their way through the world of social media, found that five out of ten social media tools have been adopted by more than 50 percent of brands and retailers, and that the Facebook Fan Page was the most popular social media platform

 BrandConnect: Social Media Tools for Brand Awareness
By Vangie Beal, September 29, 2009