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Open Source Software and Free Web Tools for Students

Commercial software purchases can quickly eat away at the budget you have. The good news is that there are many free Web tools and open source software for students that will help you stay on task and organize your busy student life.

From typing reports to taking and sharing class notes, this list of 30 free Web tools and open source software will help you get through your courses without spending a dime on software.

Webopedia: 30 Free Web Tools and Open Source Software for Students
By: Vangie Beal, June 01, 2011

Review: Salesforce.com CRM Spring 11 Release

With new Chatter and Jigsaw integration, Salesforce.com has once again redefined online customer relationship management (CRM) with its Spring 11 release.

With so much attention focused on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, one wonders if Salesforce.com is at all worried about losing ground to Microsoft. The answer, according to Salesforce, is no. The company says that with Salesforce Chatter and Jigsaw, Salesforce.com has yet again redefined CRM, and Microsoft is still playing catch up.

“Microsoft CRM is doing the same for CRM that Zune did for digital music players; inferior product with no innovation so Microsoft tries to attack on price point,” Scott Holden, Salesforce senior director of product marketing, told eCRM Guide.

Competitive jockeying aside, the Spring 11 enterprise edition expands on Salesforce’s already successful cloud CRM platform and also includes Chatter integration and visible results of the company’s Jigsaw acquisition. In this eCRM Guide review, we look at the new features and discuss and how Salesforce.com users benefit from these integrated cloud service technologies.

Read: Salesforce.com CRM Spring 11 Release Reviewed
By Vangie Beal

An E-Comm Buyers’ Guide to Choosing Trustmarks

This guide covers what you need to know about e-commerce trustmarks and what to consider before displaying badges from trustmark service providers on your business Web site.

On e-commerce Web sites, giving your customers a sense of security and trust can mean the difference between a dropped shopping cart and making a sale.  Today, Web shoppers are savvy — they have a better understanding of online security, and they want to know that their personal information is protected.

For the honest Web shop owners, especially smaller unknown companies, this can be a problem.  A study commissioned by McAfee, Inc. (conducted by Harris Interactive) revealed that nearly half of consumers have terminated an online order or abandoned their shopping cart due to security fears at check-out time.

This guide is designed for e-tailers who are currently interested in partnering with a trust service. In this guide we’ll discuss different types of trustmark services you can consider and what is required to enroll in the programs.

An E-Comm Buyers’ Guide to Choosing Trustmarks
By Vangie Beal, January 25, 2010

Five Auction Tools for eBay Sellers

EBay sellers can choose from countless auction listing helpers and tools to boost their eBay item listings and sales. From offering a 360 degree product view for potential bidders to see your items in a whole new way—to widgets that let you check your listings from your iPhone, you can use these five tools to help you grow your eBay business, without breaking your wallet in the process.

Five Auction Tools for eBay Sellers
Published on HubPages, By E-commerce Girl

Free Office Productivity Software

Free Security Software: From firewalls to anti-virus software, you could spend a fortune keeping their Internet-connected PC safe. Thankfully, there are a number of free antivirus programs that you can use to ward of malicious attacks and key loggers.

Free Conference Calling: As the old saying goes, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But doesn’t any meal taste better when someone else pays the bill? In this case, the meal is conference calling, and the company picking up the check is Long Beach, Calif.-based Free Conferencing Corporation of America, which offers, as its name indicates, free audio conferencing through its online service, FreeConferenceCall.com.

Check out Webopedia’s Free Office Productivity Software guide to help you manage common computing tasks for details on free software for accounting, conference calling, image editors, and more.

Free Office Productivity Software
By Vangie Beal, Friday December 18, 2009

WebPlus X4 Adds New Features for Easy Site Design

This all-in-one Web site design program lets you add Web gadgets, set up an online shop and publish sites to the Web in minutes.

One way to get your business Web site up and running is to use Web site design software, such as Web Plus X4 from Serif.  While there are a number of Web design software offerings to choose from, Serif’s Web Plus design software offers e-commerce functions for adding a shopping cart and secure payment processing to your site. You can also include interactive features such as blogs, Flash navigation bars, and videos to your Web shop.

Since we reviewed WebPlus X2 back in June, the company has released a new version of the software, WebPlus X4, and added a number of new features for business and e-commerce site design.

WebPlus X4 Adds New Features for Easy Site Design
By Vangie Beal, November 20, 2009

Why You Need an EBay Compatible Shopping Cart

If you sell on your own site in addition to eBay, eBay-compatible carts let you track and manage your orders from one location, regardless of where the sale takes place.

When you sell products on your own Web site, in addition to listing on eBay, you have something important to consider: shopping carts and how to integrate customer data from eBay sales with data from your non-eBay storefront or Web shop. 

One easy and cost-effective way to handle this problem is to use a secure, eBay Compatible shopping cart. EBay-compatible carts will track and manage all your orders, no matter which site generates the sale. 

EBay-compatible carts can be used as a stand-alone cart on your own site, but with eBay integration, you can direct eBay customers to use it instead of eBay’s own checkout simply by providing the checkout buttons in e-mails to eBay customers after they make a purchase.

Here are three eBay compatible shopping carts you can consider, each with its own options, features and pricing.

Seller Tools: EBay Compatible Shopping Carts
By Vangie Beal, September 16, 2009