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Ecommerce Content: Writing a Good Privacy Policy

A website privacy policy is an important piece of content that every business site, including ecommerce websites, needs to provide site visitors.  A small business owner should establish a professional privacy policy that relates to customer information and make that document readily available online.  Not only can this prevent you from being entangled in legal woes, but it will also help you to boost consumer confidence and to increase conversions.

There are a number of ways that a small business can obtain a privacy policy for its website. If you choose the “in-house method”, we offer eight tips to get you started.

Ecommerce Content: Writing a Good Privacy Policy

By Vangie Beal, May 5, 2010

Small Business Marketing Tips: Writing a Press Release

When it comes to small business marketing, one way to self-promote your business is through increased media exposure. To do this you need what’s called a press release or a news release.

A press release is basically a statement that is written for news media; newspapers, magazines, television networks, radio stations, or online news outlets and trade publications.  As the phrase suggests, the written statement is a news article.

For example, an announcement of a new product, results of a survey you ran on your website, a new service you offer, or big client acquisition is all examples of a newsworthy statement — an overview of your company or the latest tips you offered in your e-mail newsletter is not.

Small Business Marketing Tips: Writing a Press Release

By Vangie Beal, May 12, 2010