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CoreCommerce Adds Free Mobile Shops to Platform

The popular storefront e-commerce platform offers free mobile-optimized Web shops in its newest version, CoreCommerce 7.7.

Designing a mobile version of your ecommerce Web site may exceed your own technical and design limitations, but thankfully a number of e-commerce platforms, like Sum Effect Software’s CoreCommerce Platform, make it easy for Web shops owners to offer mobile-optimized versions of their sites.

Matt DeLong, president and CEO of Sum Effect Software said that the new mobile features give all platform customers the capability to reach millions of smartphone and cell phone users in the global mobile marketplace.

CoreCommerce Adds Free Mobile Shops to Platform
By Vangie Beal, March 17, 2010

E-commerce Content: Be Ready for Any Holiday

Investing a little time now in your holiday e-commerce content can attract visitors to your Web shop all year long.

There are two main reasons to create this type of e-commerce content. First, it will help shoppers find special-occasion and holiday products on your site from a relevant Web page. Second, the search engines will index these pages, which will improve SEO, boost traffic and convert visitors into customers.

When you have the e-commerce content written, your holiday page URL will not change. Each year as the holiday approaches you can put a link to the content from your main page and give the content a bit of a freshening up. This will give you a Web shop that is holiday-ready for any occasion, 365-days a year.

Start with a basic template that matches your Web site design and layout. Use good titles and meta tags that include the holiday name and your own keywords. Your holiday content pages should contain product descriptions and images for gift-giving ideas and for any product you stock that could be used to decorate or prepare for the occasion. Be sure to use our write better product descriptions guide when you write holiday-themed product description for these special pages.

E-commerce Content: Be Ready for Any Holiday
By Vangie Beal, March 10, 2010

New Sell It! Blog

My new Sell It! Blog tracks e-commerce industry news and reviews of the best tools and resources for online sellers and small retailers. The blog is updated daily with my own tool reviews and news, plus links to some of the latest e-commerce and online selling articles on the Web. You can read it here.

Bidz.com Cashes in on Bling

We look at Bidz.com to find out how this gem of a company reached yearly sales of $207 million with live, online-jewelry auctions that start at a dollar.

The big incentive for consumers to buy on Bidz.com is that they can bid on jewelry with just a dollar – and we’re talking jewelry that typically retails for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. At any given time you can expect to see 2,000 or more items open for bids on the site.

Bidz.com turns a profit even when selling product below market value because the company buys direct from manufacturers—this includes distressed products, manufacturer overruns and closeout merchandise.

Kuperman said that the dynamic-pricing business model is why Bidz.com can offer such extreme value to its customers. Offering well-known brand names on the site helps bring repeat customers back to bid and purchase.

eBiz Profile: Bidz.com Cashes in on Bling
By Vangie Beal, June 17, 2009