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How to Shorten a URL

A URL shortener is a way to make a long URL (Uniform Resource Locator) shorter.  URL shortening services are Web tools (or services) that allow you to provide a long URL to a specific webpage and obtain a much shorter URL from the service provider. This Webopedia reference guide will help you understand what a URL shortener is and how these URL redirect services work.

How to Shorten a URL Using a URL Shortener Service
By: Vangie Beal, 06-22-2011

Small Business Marketing Tips: Writing a Press Release

When it comes to small business marketing, one way to self-promote your business is through increased media exposure. To do this you need what’s called a press release or a news release.

A press release is basically a statement that is written for news media; newspapers, magazines, television networks, radio stations, or online news outlets and trade publications.  As the phrase suggests, the written statement is a news article.

For example, an announcement of a new product, results of a survey you ran on your website, a new service you offer, or big client acquisition is all examples of a newsworthy statement — an overview of your company or the latest tips you offered in your e-mail newsletter is not.

Small Business Marketing Tips: Writing a Press Release

By Vangie Beal, May 12, 2010