Tech Terms

Nifty Tech Terms You Can Use
Are you looking to spice up your technical vocabulary for your blog or articles? This is a collection of odd or just plain weird tech terms that Ifor whatever reasonlike. Some words are just fun to say, while others have a fun or interesting technical definition. You can click each term below to see the original blog post.

Vangie’s List of Nifty Tech Terms
1. munging (address munging)
2. wardriving (warbiking, warwalking)
3. bloatware (feature creep)
4 creeping featurism (feature creep)
5. mash-up
6. internesia
7. anticipointment
8. mopy (mopier)

Definitions added to each blog post is courtesy of


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  1. Discovered your web blog via bing the other day and absolutely love it. Continue the fantastic work.

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