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Pixetell Adds Video and Voice to Online Listings

Pixetell lets sellers easily add a voice or video message to their online listing. It’s visual communication and collaboration software—but don’t let the non-auction lingo scare you.

In an online market where millions of sellers compete for sales, you have to be different in order to succeed.  When you use a Web-based  platform to sell—like eBay or Kijiji—your item listing page looks almost identical to millions of other listings.  One way you can stand out from the competition is to invest in tools to enhance your online listings.

Pixetell is a tool that online sellers may overlook. We say this because Pixetell is actually SaaS communication and collaboration software and not a typical tool that a seller would look for.  The platform offers many features for desktop collaboration, but it’s also an affordable tool that you can use just to create voice and video ads to post with an online listing.

As you create the visual display in the Pixetell software, you can add a voice narrative to describe the item and highlight its features. When you put your voice behind a product, you can humanize the nature of online selling and inspire trust in your prospective buyers by offering more than just a static picture and text descriptions.

Pixetell Adds Video and Voice to Online Listings
By Vangie Beal, August 26, 2009

Drive Search Engine Traffic with Video SEO

An expert looks at the benefits of video SEO—plus tips to help businesses optimize video content for major search engines.

SEO has always been a hot e-commerce topic. And now the trend’s expanding to include video SEO—that is optimizing video content for search engine traffic. Most major search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo offer consumers the option to view only video search results.

However, according to Benjamin Wayne, president and CEO of Fliqz, a company that manages, distributes syndicates and tracks video content for businesses, there are more video results shown on natural search engine results pages (SERP).

The goal when working with video SEO is to have your video content appear in video searches as well as in the organic search results for major search engines—with traffic being directed to your site and not to your video hosting provider.

Drive Search Engine Traffic with Video SEO
By Vangie Beal, July 27, 2009