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Do You Know Your Browser History?

Web browsers, often referred to just as browsers, are software applications used to locate and display Web pages on the World Wide Web. While this is the most popular usage, browsers can also be used to access and view content on a private or local network as well. Most, but not all browsers are graphical browsers, which means that they can display graphics as well as text. In addition, most modern browsers can present multimedia information, including sound and video, though they require plug-ins for some formats.

Web browser is actually a software application that runs on your Internet-connected computer. It allows you to view Web pages, as well as use other content and technologies such as video, graphics files, and digital certificates, to name a few. Some browsers will translate only text while others do support graphics and animation. Web browsers are not all created equal, and Web pages also will not be displayed the same in different browsers.

All About Web Browsers
By Vangie Beal, March 06, 2009

Traceroute and Ping: What’s the Difference?

When data is sent over the Internet, it’s sent in small blocks of data, called packets. Messages are divided into packets before they are sent, and each packet is then transmitted individually and can even follow different routes to its destination. Once all the packets forming a message arrive at the destination, they are recompiled into the original message.

Sometimes when you are trying to send or receive data over the Internet you may experience timeouts, or a Web server may be down, which prevents you from accessing services and Web sites. There are two common programs that can be used to test your Internet connection and even help you diagnose congestion between your computer (your ISP) and the destination server you’re trying to reach. The programs you can use are called Ping and Traceroute.

The Difference Between Traceroute and Ping
By Vangie Beal, February 13, 2009

Microsoft Explorer Mouse with BlueTrack Technology Review

Microsoft says its new flagship mouse’s glowing blue bottom is the key to better tracking and higher precision than any optical or laser mouse has offered to date. Vangie Beal throws her mouse pad away to test the company’s claim that BlueTrack works on virtually any surface: Denim? Tile? Skin? Carpet? Kleenex? Lego? Read the full review on

Microsoft Explorer Mouse with BlueTrack Technology Review
By Vangie Beal, December 1, 2008

Understanding Router Settings

Here is a list of many common broadband wired and wireless router settings and a description of what function it performs. It is important to remember that the exact names of different settings and options will differ, depending on your router manufacturer and the device’s firmware. However, most will have similar settings and options.

By Vangie Beal, November 21, 2008

Tips and Tools for Thanksgiving-Themed E-Store Decor

Dressing up your e-commerce store and promotions with autumn and Thanksgiving accents doesn’t take a redesign. Our tips and free tools will help you — and your online store — get in the holiday spirit.

Adding holiday-themed product shots is a low-cost, easy way to offer a visual taste of Thanksgiving at your e-commerce storefront for the holiday. Online store owners can create a festive look by simply replacing their front page product images with ones that are holiday-specific or those featuring traditional autumn colors.

Online shops with seasonal products can create a Thanksgiving-specific category page and leave it up all year for SEO purposes. As the holiday approaches, use a simple image on your main storefront page to link to your special Thanksgiving holiday category.

Tips and Tools for Thanksgiving-Themed E-Store Decor
By Vangie Beal, November 11, 2008

Trilogy of Terror: Viruses, Worms and Trojan Horses

The most common blunder people make when the topic of a computer virus arises is to refer to a worm or Trojan horse as a virus. While the words Trojan, worm and virus are often used interchangeably, they are not exactly the same. Viruses, worms and Trojan Horses are all malicious programs that can cause damage to your computer, but there are differences among the three, and knowing those differences can help you to better protect your computer from their often damaging effects.

The Difference Between a Computer Virus, Worm and Trojan Horse
By Vangie Beal, Last updated November 07, 2007

More Than 1,000 Text Messaging Abbreviations

If you have ever received an instant message or text message that seemed to be written in a foreign language, this Webopedia Quick Reference will help you decipher the text chat lingo by providing the definitions to more than 1,000 chat abbreviations.

Some of the following chat abbreviations may be familiar to you, while others may be foreign because they are used by a different group of people with different online interests and hobbies than your own. For example, people playing online games are likely to use chat abbreviations that are different than those used by teenagers texting on their cell phone or abbreviations used by someone updating a financial blog.

AAF As a matter of fact
AAK Asleep at keyboard
AAK Alive and kicking
AAMOF As a matter of fact
AAMOI As a matter of interest
AAP Always a pleasure
AAR At any rate
AAS Alive and smiling

Read all 1,011 text abbreviations here.